Who we are

We're problem solvers. We believe good design is about finding clear and simple solutions to complex problems, and realizing them in the most elegant and effective way.

We're also deeply committed to best practices in web development that ensure broad access for all. We believe it's important to share and advocate these ideas, which we do through through our lab, our book Designing with Progressive Enhancement and chapter contribution to The jQuery Cookbook, and our active sponsorship of the jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile Framework projects.

Filament Group was founded in 2001 and is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Todd Parker, Partner, brings over a fifteen years of experience creating highly functional, accessible and intuitive interfaces that make the most of the technical and interface constraints of a broad range of devices, from phones and desktop to kiosks and TVs. Todd is a jQuery board member, project and design lead for the jQuery Mobile team, and design lead for jQuery UI. Todd is co-author of the Peachpit book “Designing With Progressive Enhancement”, contributor to the O’Reilly “jQuery Cookbook” and frequent presenter on the topics of mobile, progressive enhancement, accessibility, and responsive web design.

Patty Toland, Partner, brings to Filament Group more than twenty years consulting experience with corporate and institutional clients, with a focus on communicating complex messages across a range of media. Patty's expertise lies in developing robust information and communication strategies, including branding, constituent analysis, information architecture and system design, and writing. Prior to founding Filament Group, Patty worked at ZEFER Corp., US Peace Corps, Kohn Cruikshank Inc. and Harvard Business School.

Maggie Costello Wachs is Filament's coding and production master — she ensures the quality of everything that goes out the door, or gets posted to an extranet. Maggie is deeply knowledgeable about best practices in standards-compliant markup, CSS and JavaScript, and progressive enhancement, and brings that expertise to both client work and our publications and presentations. We worked with Maggie at ZEFER, and she joined Filament after a stint at The Monitor Group, where she worked with the CIO on rolling out internal technology initiatives and recruiting for the software development consulting group.

Scott Jehl brings deep UI design and development expertise to Filament projects, from creating visually compelling design concepts and intuitive functional system workflows, to developing accessible, standards-based markup and widgets that make an interface sing. Scott led the development of jQuery UI's CSS Framework, and now leads the development of the jQuery Mobile project. Scott is a public advocate of web standards, regularly speaking at conferences like An Event Apart, Mobilism, Breaking Development, and dConstruct, writing for A List Apart, and hacking on various projects on Github. Prior to joining Filament Group, Scott worked for such clients as New England Journal of Medicine, Footjoy Golf, and Aspen Snowmass, and created WriteMaps.com.

Mat “Wilto” Marquis is a designer-slash-developer and ex-carpenter, born and raised in Boston. Mat is a member of the jQuery Mobile team, technical editor and author for A List Apart, and Chair of the Responsive Images Community Group. Mat contributed several chapters to the 4th edition of Jennifer Robbins’ “Learning Web Design,” and has given a number of talks on Responsive Web Design, Progressive Enhancement, Accessibility. Mat has beaten Mega Man II on “difficult” without losing a single life. He's probably flipping out about something on Twitter as we speak.

Zach Leatherman comes to Filament Group with more than 15 years of handcrafted web development experience. He began his first open source project in 2003, a web development blog in 2007, and knows firsthand how much and how little the web can change over time. Zach has given numerous talks on Progressive Enhancement, Front End Engineering, and was a guest lecturer on Mobile Application Development at the University of Nebraska. Prior to joining Filament Group, Zach was the User Interface architect for Union Pacific Railroad, in charge of guiding the Fortune 200 company's technical direction on both desktop and mobile web development.

Jeff Lembeck brings to Filament Group extensive mobile experience. Having written native and web applications for some of the world's largest mobile, entertainment, and tourism companies, Jeff is versed in "mobile-first" approaches to development. Jeff finds great joy in learning new languages, meeting new nachos, hacking on bots, and feels sincerely lucky to be making a living doing what he loves (and would probably be spending his nights and weekends doing anyway). Prior to joining Filament Group, Jeff was the Product Architect for UIEvolution, leading development and planning for multi-platform web projects.